Amaechi brags of plans to get 3 billion dollars investment to help recession

A lot has been said and speculated over the past week concerning Buhari and his recent medical tourism in the UK. The rumour as you

Counseling For Pilots of IDP Camp Bombing

Latest reports suggest that close to 250 people have been buried following the tragic military accident where a pilot of the Nigerian Airforce mistakenly bombed

Oil & Gas Destination

Great Future for Oil and Gas

  According to EIA projections, worldwide energy consumption will increase 48% by 2040, largely due to expanding economic opportunities in developing nations. Oil and gas industry players continue

Nation Building

The case of bribery in Nigeria business

Corruption is detrimental to economic, political and social development. Nigeria should be concerned about the negative effects of corruption and impunity on the political, economic,

Hope for Nigeria Power Generation as Energy Demand Set to Double

Nigeria is an oil and gas -rich economy with a population of over 170m. Unfortunately Nigeria produces less power than a medium-sized European city, an